You'll have to share it with the wildlife

We'd love to have you to stay, but you'll not be alone. Gorsebank is a nature lovers' mini wilderness .  Enjoy sharing the 80 acres with our low intensity grazed Herdwick Sheep, which leave plenty of space for an abundance of wildlife.  

Explore the woodlands, meadows and traditional hedgerows.  Invest a little time at dawn or dusk, and if you are light of foot, you stand a great chance of glimpsing;

Roe Deer               Otters               Badgers               Red Squirrel

Foxes                 Bats                 Barn Owl               Red Kites

The farm is also home to newts, lizards, slow worms, adders, toads, butterflies and our ponds are full of activity including herons and kingfishers hunting for a fish or an eel.

Find a quiet corner and bird watchers can relax and observe the buzzards soaring on the thermals looking for their next meal, the sparrowhawk hunting the hedgerows or listen in to the jays' cackling call.    

A great place for children to get close up to nature

Make exploring the farm more fun with our nature trail treasure hunt, or help us set up the wildlife cameras - to capture footage of the more secretive visitors.  Then come and check them in the morning to see what was wandering around.

Wildlife Blog
Read about what we see out and about on the farm.

Abundance of local nature attractions