A great place for children to get close up to nature

Visit us and try the nature treasure hunt - ideal for younger children 4-10 years. £1.50 per trail pack - includes map, pencil and reward.
We've hidden twelve nature boards around the farm, so book a time with us and when you arrive collect your map and info packs. 

You'll be wandering  across the farm's meadows and woodland, past in the ponds and rocky crags, hunting for your clues. Tick them all off and claim your treasure.
Please wear suitable footwear (boots and wellies if it has been wet)
At a quick pace and with a keen eye you could do it in 50 mins, or if you have a more leisurely stroll and maybe stop to talk to the Herdwick sheep and horses 2hrs.

Sorry but due to livestock NO DOGS
TO BOOK: Please  email or phone (01556 610174) with a preferred time and numbers in your group.

What you might see

The farm is home to a wide array of birds, animals and reptiles:
Fox,  badger,  otter,  roe deer,  rabbit,  voles,  stoats. 

Buzzards,  red kite,  barn owl,  tawny owl,  woodcock,  sparrowhawk,  jays,  heron,  woodpecker,  kingfisher,  ducks,  moorhen
Adders,  slow-worm,  newts,  toads,  eels
Keep quiet and look carefully you might spot some of them.